Christmas Tree Program Brings Gifts to Kids Print
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 16:02

When you're out shopping at Wal-mart this Black Friday or whenever, you may notice a Christmas tree with ornaments.

It's part of the store's annual Christmas Tree Program. Shoppers will have the opportunity to take an ornament from the tree listing a child's age and gender, as well as what they would like for Christmas. The shopper then buys the items and donates them to be delivered to the children who need them.

"Last year we were able to assist a little over 300 kids who might not have other wise had Christmas presents through this program," says Police Officer Troy Boston.

Boston says the Program started back in the late 80's with Wal-mart employees. It has grown to include the Oskaloosa Police and Fire Departments, the Mahaska County Sheriff's Department, Wigg's Country Store, and SIEDA, the Southern Iowa Economic Development Association. There's only one thing they ask of those participating in the program.

"The one thing that would help us out tremendously, for those individuals that are able to take a Christmas stocking off the tree, if they decide that they cant financially do it, we ask that they put that stocking back on the tree so that somebody else can pick up that child's name. If we don't have that stocking there' a chance that that child does not receive a gift," says Boston.

Parents having trouble buying presents this holiday season can contact SIEDA to become approved and receive gifts through the program. Gifts will be distributed December 17th.